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STEM: Children Can Do It Too!

Activities to introduce STEM and STEAM to Children on National STEM Day 2020

Children are born naturally curious, and their brains are prepared for exposure to developmentally stimulating experiences starting from a young age. You can introduce innovative thinking with the children in your care by exploring the world around them using STEM/STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics).

Consider using these activities on STEM Day, November 8, 2020, to assist you in introducing infants and toddlers to the wonder of STEM/STEAM.

  1. Mister C and ThinkTV make learning STEM and STEAM fun for everyone! Check out his engaging and interactive YouTube channel for child-friendly science experiments you can do at home.

  2. We created a list of online virtual tours of landmarks that you can explore with your children. Explore the world of invention from the comfort of your own home with one (or two!) of these fun tours!

  3. Understanding the value of art in the everyday world provides the building blocks for children to develop creativity and inspiration for a lifetime. These at-home craft ideas will connect your child’s creative instincts to the world of STEAM.

Encourage your children to channel their energy in a meaningful way by helping them develop critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication skills through STEM/STEAM. Check out these useful tips and resources from the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) to learn the importance of engaging young children in meaningful STEM experiences.

Read more about the state of STEAM Education in Alabama by clicking here.

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