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Financial Assistance

Supplemental Child Care Program

The Childcare Resources' Supplemental Child Care Program (SCCP) assists eligible working parents with children birth to age five (prior to kindergarten entry) with paying for the cost of child care. Based on a sliding scale related to family size and income, parents pay a portion of the cost of care and Childcare Resources pays a portion.

After submission, Childcare Resources will share the Program Application if it is determined you meet the requirements of the Supplemental Child Care Program. For eligibility requirements, please see below.

Eligibility Requirements


A family must meet all five requirements in order to be eligible for our Supplemental Child Care Program​


Must be employed and working at least 30 hours per week or more 

(total hours for self or self + spouse/partner)

Annual Family Income Eligibility Scale

According to family size, your annual income must fall within our  Income Eligibility Scale

Child Age

Must have a child birth to five years of age (until eligible to start Kindergarten)

Service Area

Must live within Blount, Jefferson, Shelby, or Walker County 


Must not already be receiving child care assistance from DHR or Child Care Central

Definition of Family Size

A family consists of a parent/guardian, his/her spouse, and all their dependent children under 18 years of age (related by blood, marriage, adoption, or guardianship) who reside in the same household.  

Determine Gross Annual Income

Gross income for all family members
(includes regular income, tips, commissions, SSI, SSA, etc.)

Eligibility Scale
Family Size
Min. Annual Income
Max. Annual Income

Effective 1/22/2024

Before You Apply:

If you have already submitted an application previously and have not yet been contacted regarding its status, please DO NOT RE-SUBMIT. Please thoroughly review all eligibility
requirements to ensure you are eligible to apply.

Only COMPLETE applications will be reviewed.

Program Funders

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IEC Logo.jpeg
Jefferson County Seal NoBackground.png
United Way logo bw.jpg (1).png
Application Process

Applications are processed within 60 days of receipt. A family will receive an email notifying them regarding the status of their application. The email will indicate one of the following: 


  • Family is eligible and documentation requested

  • More information is being requested to determine if family is eligible

  • Family is not eligible for assistance

Waiting List

Families are placed on the waiting list in the order their application was received, and as funding is available will be enrolled in the program.

Families currently enrolled in the SCCP are required to report any changes to their employment status, income, family size, etc. within ten (10) days from the first day the change occurs. Some changes may require additional documentation, which will be provided to the family upon receipt of their SCCP Parent Change Form.

Program FAQs

Purpose of Program:


To provide child care financial assistance for pre-kindergarten children of working families who meet the program's five eligibility requirements and provide participants with information relative to quality child care and child development.


Processing a case involves reviewing documents for authenticity, calculating annual income and hours per week, and anything else deemed necessary to determine eligibility. Once a determination of eligibility is made, families will be notified to select a child care provider. After the provider is enrolled with the SCCP program and all documentation from the family and provider is received and approved, an award letter will be issued to the family and the provider. Child care will begin on the first of the month as funding is available. Submitting the required documentation does not constitute eligibility. 

Additional Documents Still Needed:


There should not be any outstanding documents. In the event of a change prior to the interview, the participants will complete a change form and will be given ten (10) days from the date of the interview to submit the needed documentation. If the documentation is not received, or arrangements made with Childcare Resources within ten (10) days, the case will be denied. The participant must reapply for the program by submitting a new application for the waiting list.

Provider Selection:


If a provider is not selected after 10 days of the interview, the case will be automatically denied. The participant must reapply by submitting a new application for the waiting list.

Annual Income Calculation:


Total all four (4) gross earned (before taxes deducted) pay stubs. Divide by four (4). Then, multiply by 2.167 if you are paid bi-weekly, 2.0 if you are paid twice a month. You have your monthly amount. Lastly, multiply by 12. You have your annual income.

For weekly income, total all four (4) gross earned (before taxes deducted) pay stubs. Then, divide by four (4). Next, multiply by 4.33. Lastly, multiply by 12. You have your annual income.


Remember to add other types of income such as SSA, SSI, Pensions, and Alimony to your monthly income. CHILD SUPPORT IS NO LONGER COUNTED AS INCOME.

Parent Fee and Subsidy Calculation:


Divide your annual income by the Annual Income Maximum for your family size on the Childcare Resources Financial Assistance Fact Sheet. The higher number is the parent fee= what you will pay the provider weekly. Subtract the higher number from l 00 = what Childcare Resources' will pay the provider weekly. This is the subsidy.

  • For example: 70% = parent fee 30% = subsidy

  • If your provider charges $100 every week, then you will pay $70 every week

       and Childcare Resources' will send your provider $30 every week. (paid the month after)

Childcare Resources Only Pays the Average Child Care Rate for the Area:


Most providers charge more than the average child care rate for the area. It is very important that you ask your provider how much they charge before you select them as your provider.

If the average rate of child care in our service area is $199 for an infant and your provider charges $215. You will be responsible for an additional $16 + the parent fee.

Childcare Payments to Providers:


Childcare Resources mails EAV's by the end of the month. Providers must submit the completed EAV to Childcare Resources by the following by the 5th. Childcare Resources will mail the provider a monthly check by the 15th of the month following attendance.


Be sure your provider submits their EAV’s in a timely manner. EAV’s not received by the 5th will not be paid.



Participants must be redetermined every year. Participants will receive the redetermination forms via email 45 days prior to the due date. Failure to return all documents on time will result in automatic termination. Note: If terminated, participants must reapply to the program and re-enter the waiting list at that time.

Reporting a change:


Participants must report a change in income, address, family size, or provider choice within ten days using the parent change form located on the website. Failure to report information as required will result in immediate denial or termination without the option to reapply.

If a reported change results in no longer being eligible, the participants subsidy will end at the end of the month.

Program FAQs
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