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Improving Quality

At Childcare Resources, we are improving the quality of child care for Alabama’s children by providing professional development opportunities that build the foundation for competent child care professionals, while offering access to developmentally appropriate materials for classrooms.

For more information on services and scheduling, please call the Provider Intake Line at (205) 945-0018 and press 9.

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Resource and Referral Database

Childcare Resources' new and improved Resource and Referral Database for Central Alabama is a free service we provide to families and child care providers. Having your program information readily available to parents searching for child care in Central Alabama is greatly beneficial to the children, families, and child care providers in our community.


Click on the database button and follow the instructions below to get started!

First Time Users

  1. Click the Create Account button

  2. A pop-up window will prompt you to do the following:

    1. Enter your email address​

    2. Create a 6-8 character password

    3. Input your License ID*

    4. Input your zip code

    5. Click SAVE

Registered Users

  1. Enter your login email

  2. Enter your password

  3. Login to your profile

If you are License-Exempt, have questions, or need assistance, please contact:

205-945-0018 Ext. 317

Services for Providers


Provides professional development for child care providers and early care educators, including the opportunity to build a knowledge base rooted in research. Trainings teach best practices of care and experiential learning that enables children to thrive. 


Connects with programs that have not received our services in an effort to ensure they are knowledgeable about our programs and services, while understanding our mission is to help them succeed in building a stronger community and future workforce.

Technical Assistance

Delivers a goal-oriented process of support for the child care provider. In this process, we allow child care providers to develop problem solving solutions related to the training they receive, while also receiving on-going coaching, mentoring, and modeling experiences.

Career Assistance

Assists child care professionals with developing a career path in early care and education. Consults are available for one-on-one consultations to plan and discuss different career path options, while service as a mentor and resource along the way.


Give providers access to Childcare Resources' Child Development Consultants who assist with guidance and provide recommendations applicable to real-life struggles and challenges that arise in the day-to-day operations of a child care program.

Specialty Programs

Allow for targeted efforts to support specific child care programs and their needs. Specialty programs include our Infant Toddler Program, RISE Assistance to Accreditation, Early Learning Demonstration Classroom, and Early Learning Resource Library and Van.


DHR Child Care Licensing
and Performance Standards

Home-Based (Updated 2021)

DHR Child Care Licensing
and Performance Standards

Center-Based (Updated 2021)

Jefferson County Department of Health

Regulations for the Construction, Operation and Maintenance of Child Care Centers

Child Care Workforce Stabilization (CCWS) Grant 

Application and Guidance

Questions or More Info

205-945-0018 Ext. 9

2004 IACET

Exemplar Award Winner

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