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8 Fantastic Fall Activities for Children

The fall season is fully upon us!

Now is such a magical time for children with all new things to see and experience, especially if this is only their second or third autumn. In order to make the most of the holiday season, here's a great a list of easy activities you can do with your children at home or in the classroom!

Hand Turkey Craft

A fall hand turkey is a tried-and-true classic when it comes to fall activities. Have your children trace their hand with a marker and then color in the outline to make it look like the Thanksgiving centerpiece. You can also trace the outline of your hand onto colored construction paper, then cut out the shapes to glue as feathers onto a cutout of a turkey's body! For a free template, click here!

Newspaper Ghost Cutouts

This seasonal activity is not only super easy to do with your children, but it is also affordable! Just grab a newspaper and cut out the pages into the shapes of ghosts. After that, all you need to do is color on some eyes with a black sharpie, tape or glue the cutouts to a piece of string, and then you can proudly hang your festive activity up around your house or classroom. Click here to see a full walkthrough of the activity!

Leaf Impression Painting

There's nothing better than a fun activity that involves enjoying the nature around you. Make your afternoon walk or trip to the park even more fun by having your children collect their favorite fallen leaves to take home. Once you're home, have the children paint the back of the leaves with either a brush or their fingers. Then, press the painted leaves onto a piece of paper and peel off to reveal the colorful impression of the leaf!

Pumpkin Bath Time

Don't let this simple activity fool you, this can be super exciting for young children! Just fill a bucket, tub, or sink with warm soapy water and let your children scrub away. Toddlers can gain so much from this easy activity such as developing their motor skills, sensory exploration, concentration, and independent play skills. Added bonus, you get a squeaky clean pumpkin to decorate your home or classroom with afterwards!

Spooky EyeBall Soup

Disclaimer: no real eyeballs are involved with this activity. All you need is a bucket of water, some ladles, and a bag of fake plastic eyes. Have your children take turns or work together to scoop the floating eyeballs out of the bucket! Like the pumpkin washing, this activity gives toddlers a chance to work on their concentration, hand-eye-coordination, and fine motor skills. Plus, the fake eyeballs add a spooky effect perfect for the season! To see the source of this fun activity, click here!

Spooky Story Time

Gather around children for this fun fall tale! Reading books helps young children to engage and practice their vocabulary words while developing a closer understanding of the season. To find some fantastic books all about the fall season, check out the fall book list blog we wrote by clicking here. To see a print out of this lesson plan, click here!

Count the Ghosts

Need another idea for how to use the ghost cutouts you made in a previous activity? Just take the ghosts and number them with a marker and play 'Count the Ghost'! Hold up each ghost in front of the children and have them count the numbers on the ghosts aloud. This is a fun way to engage with children to see if they are struggling with counting, while also getting them to expand their learning and increase their counting skills. To see a print out of the lesson plan, click here!

Fall Color Assorting Activity

This activity taps into the excitement of seeing fall colors while teaching preschool children about colors and how to sort! Have selected pictures already cut out of construction paper or, if you are teaching fine motor skills have the children cut out the pictures. Make a space for each group of colors and have the children place their picture in the space of the correct color. This activity focuses on developing color recognition, sorting, and fine motor skills in young children!

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