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Childcare Resources: Coffee with ED (Executive Director, Joan Wright)

Last month, Childcare Resources introduced a new, virtual event to our agency! A select, small group of community members joined a virtual meeting with our Executive Director (aka ED), Joan Wright, to learn more about the agency’s mission, ask questions, receive valuable insight and updates about our agency, and to hear what their support makes possible each and every day.

Our first meeting was a tremendous success, and we are thrilled to share an inside look at the discussion with you! Keep reading and click on the videos to check out snippets from our first Coffee with ED meeting.

“We help families find and locate child care that meets their needs…”

“We can offset a portion of child care costs for eligible working families…”

“We want the care that families select, and pay for, to be of high quality, and we know that that starts with the caregivers in the classroom…”

For questions, more information, or to inquire about attending our next meeting, please reach out to Jill Hoops at

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How can I view the classes you gave for child care can't get the news letter from your web site

Jill Hoops
Jill Hoops
Sep 09, 2021
Replying to

Hi there! Please click here ( to visit our Training and Technical Assistance page to find information about the certifications and trainings we have available. Thanks so much for reaching out!

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