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Fun and Calming Shows for Kids: The Best Low Stimulating Options

In this fast-paced digital age, it can seem like most entertainment for children today is full of bright flashes of color and loud music to capture your child's attention. While entertaining, these shows can often be very overstimulating, causing your child to feel anxious and upset. That's why we put together this list of low stimulating shows that will help your child feel calm, peaceful, and happy.


1997 · 6 Seasons · Apple TV

With a slow-paced storyline, slower dialogue, and a fairly neutral color palette, the show features an abundance of life lessons for children.


2018 · 3 Seasons · Disney+

While Bluey has upbeat music and lots of laughs, the slower paced story line and soft-spoken characters make it a non-stimulating show that is great for all ages.

Wild Kratts

2011 · 7 Seasons · PBS Kids

Neutral colors and educational content without excessive noise or repetition make this an easy show choice for parents.

Clifford the Big Red Dog

2000 · 2 Seasons · PBS Kids

The human and animal characters are soft spoken and crafted with a blend of primary and muted colors for a gentle kids show that parents approve of.

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

2012 · 6 Seasons · PBS Kids & Amazon

The show's slow pace, gentle narratives, and soothing music create a calming and reassuring viewing experience for young children while teaching valuable life skills promoting empathy and understanding.

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