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Fun Flag Day Activities for Families

Flag Day is officially here! This holiday is a great chance to teach children about our nation’s history while also letting them get creative. If you are looking for something to do this holiday, here are some fun filled activities you can do with your family to celebrate.

Make Your Own Flag

Use crayons or markers and a piece of paper to draw the American flag or a design of your own creation! You can then tape or glue their flag to its staff using pencils, popsicle sticks, or wooden dowels.

Dress Like the American Flag

This is a super easy activity but festive none the less... simply dress in the colors of the flag! A red shirt, blue jeans, and white shoes makes a perfect and easy red, white, and blue outfit. Get creative by mixing and matching colors and patterns.

Fun and Festive Quiz Time

Questions can include: What three colors are on the American flag? What shapes are on the American flag? Click here for some fun flag day facts to help get the conversation started. If a quiz seems too complicated, read through the facts together and learn more about the history of our nation's flag.

Decorate Flag Cookies

This activity is both fun AND tasty! Bake some sugar cookies, or whatever flavor you like best, and use red, white, and blue icing to decorate them to resemble the American flag. This activity inspires creativity and helps young children practice their fine motor skills. Plus, you can eat the cookies when you finish. Yum!

Learn about Flag Day

Include Flag Day themed books into story time today! Click Here for a list of great children’s books all about the holiday, or Click Here for a quick and interesting educational video made by PBS.

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