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Share Your Heart this February

Each year, our mission is only possible because of the generosity of individuals, foundations, corporate sponsors, and funding agencies across our community. We thank you for standing beside our mission for the last 35 years, and for the wonderful results we've been able to achieve together.

At Childcare Resources, we are committed to strengthening our communities by preparing children to succeed in both school and life. The important work we do at Childcare Resources exists to build a better and more vibrant community for the future of our youngest neighbors. That's why we're asking you to share your heart with Childcare Resources this February - a gift that demonstrates to some of our youngest neighbors that we believe in them and their potential.

When children succeed, our community is a more vibrant, economically stable and an attractive place to live, work and play. As a friend and supporter, you are at the core of our work to provide vital resources and support to children and families across our community. Every dollar donated to the Childcare Resources mission makes a meaningful and significant impact on some of our youngest neighbors.

$100 provides books and resources for our free Early Learning Resource Library and Van.
$250 enables our Early Childhood Development Consultants to create a new training for child care providers in our community.
$500 supports our Early Learning Demonstration Classroom, allowing us to work directly with child care programs to improve the quality of care in their classrooms.
$1,000 provides funding for one year of child care, reducing child care costs for a family enrolled in our Supplemental Child Care Program (SCCP).

Thank you to our generous Next Generation Campaign donors who have already helped us raise more than $30,000 to support children this year! With your help, we know we can do even more to create bright futures for children across Birmingham.

Donation levels listed above are to help explain the impact of your gift.

All donations made to Childcare Resources Next Generation Campaign are unrestricted for agency use unless otherwise indicated.

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