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We make quality child care happen.

We believe every child deserves quality care and education — but more than 69,000 children in Alabama between the ages of three and four are not enrolled in early education. Here's what we did over the last year to address that.
A Letter from Our Leaders

From the beginning, it’s been our mission to ensure every child receives access to quality care and education. When our organization was founded nearly 40 years ago, only 30% of children in Alabama between the ages of 3 and 4 were enrolled in early education. Today, thanks to national, state, and local policy changes alongside our incredible community of generous donors, that number is over 50%.


While we still have work to do, we are inspired by our supporters who have championed, strategized, and rallied for our mission. We are humbled by the courage and resilience of the families we serve. We are grateful for the lessons we’ve learned over the years that make us stronger today. And we are more determined than ever to see the day when every child, every family, everywhere, has access to affordable, quality child care.


Here’s to the next 40 years.

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Joan Wright
Executive Director

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Rick Morris
Board Chair

Our mission is to make quality care and education of young children happen. Here's how we do it.
About Us


Train and support child care professionals, providing a sizable portion of training available in Blount, Jefferson, Shelby, and Walker Counties.


Provide child care financial assistance to low-to-moderate income working families who earn too much to qualify for state subsidy programs.


Support families who are searching for child care options by providing comprehensive child care information and advocacy resources.


Promote a child's development through comprehensive early learning, health, and family well-being services.
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Training and Technical Assistance

Training + Tech Asst
The goal of Training and Technical Assistance is to increase the quality of child care available to children by providing education through training and technical assistance to individuals working in child care or interested in a career in early care and education.


Training Sessions
103 In-Person
100 Virtual
69 On-Demand
Training Hours


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Training Sessions Over Time

For nearly 40 years, Training and Technical Assistance have been the largest part of the work we do. During the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in  2020, our agency had to quickly pivot from in-person training for the safety of our staff and attendees, and convert training to virtual and on-demand options. 

In the last 2 years, our agency has bounced back to pre-pandemic levels, while continuing to offer virtual and on-demand training sessions.

Training Options:​

In-Person: Held at Childcare Resources or another specified location on a specific date and time.

Virtual: Either a Live Virtual Online training with an instructor on a specific date and time through Childcare Resources’ Online Portal, or virtual through Canvas Catalog, a self-guided, self-paced online training course.

On-Demand: Self-guided, self-paced training lasting from 1 to 4 weeks through Childcare Resources’ Online Training Portal.

"While all of my classrooms incorporate physical activity, I was able to observe areas of opportunity in my program through the Physical Activity Learning Sessions (PALS) courses I attended at Childcare Resources. Additionally, the amazing resources my program has received from PALS will truly make a huge difference in my teachers' daily routine and our student's daily physical activity experiences. My teachers thought it was Christmas in July with their new physical activity resources, and the excitement on the students' faces made it even more rewarding!"
La Petite Academy
The goal of the Early Learning Resource Library and Van is to reduce the cost of delivering quality child care by providing access to teaching materials and resources free of charge. The Resource Center offers free membership and is open weekdays while the Resource Van travels 10 routes monthly. 


Patron Visits to the Library
Patron Visits to the Van


Programs Participating in Van Routes


Providers Receiving Drop-Off Visits


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Specialty Programs

Specialty Programs
The goal of RISE is to positively impact the quality of child care in our community by assisting providers in surpassing the Alabama Department of Human Resources (DHR) Child Care Licensing and Performance Standards, achieving measurable improvements, and supporting the pursuit of national accreditation and re-accreditation.

RISE = Reaching Improvement through Self-Evaluation


Participating Centers


Technical Assistance Visits


Nationally Accredited Programs in Central Alabama


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Participating Programs Over Time

Child care programs desiring to improve quality in their centers rely on RISE to help achieve their goals. Childcare Resources’ National Accreditation Specialist works one-on-one, both virtually and on-site, with directors and teachers, guiding them to identify deficiencies and then enhance areas needing improvement.

Because the RISE program requires scheduled meetings, follow-up, and classroom enhancements, participation in the program is incredibly time-intensive, meaning only a select number of specific child care programs are able to participate each year.


"RISE supports my teaching staff."
The goal of the Infant Toddler Program is to increase the quality of child care available to infants and toddlers. The program is designed to assist classrooms in surpassing the Alabama Department of Human Resources (DHR) Child Care Licensing and Performance Standards and to encourage directors to operate their program consistent with best practices.


Participating Classrooms


Technical Assistance Visits


Classroom teachers achieved 80% or more of their goals.


One program earned a 4 out of 5 STAR Rating in the Alabama Quality STARS Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) – an incredibly high achievement.
"After 26 years of being in business, I knew I was ready for change; after meeting with the Infant Toddler Specialist at Childcare Resources, I knew I was ready to change my entire center.  Through the Infant Toddler Program, I now have the ability to fund my dream classroom and help my teachers become the best they can be. Words can’t convey our appreciation and thankfulness for Childcare Resources!"
The Ivy League, Inc.
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Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance
The goal of the Supplemental Child Care Program is to help low-to-moderate-income working families with children birth to age five maintain employment and achieve self-sufficiently by assisting them by paying a portion of their child care costs at a legally operating provider of their choice.


Single Parent
Head-of-Household Families Enrolled
Children Supported


Direct Payments to Child Care Providers


Average Annual Income of Enrolled Families


Direct Child Care Payments
Annual Report - Background - 2023 (9).png
Average Payment Per Family
Average Payment Per child

While the demand for our Supplemental Child Care Program (SCCP) remains the same, the amount paid through our program per family and per child continues to grow. With new sanitation and safety requirements for child care centers as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, alongside continuing inflation and impacts of the economy, child care costs are on the rise, meaning more funds are being used per family and child through our program as compared to previous years.

Top Employment Sectors

50% Business/Sales

Annual Report - Background - 2023 (11).png

24% Government

23% Medical/Healthcare

3% Retail

“Childcare Resources has been great for me as a single mother with one income. I was struggling with childcare prior to being approved and it has made all the difference!"
SCCP Program Participant
“The assistance I have received has been very helpful. With the extra money I have been able to move to a bigger place and better provide for my child. Thank you for the help!”
SCCP Program Participant
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and Referral

Resource + Referral
Resource and Referral provides free customized child care searches for the community.  Each search includes provider profiles to assist the family in locating quality child care as well as parent resources to support the unique needs of each individual family. 


Parents Created Accounts


Total Database Searches Performed
Child Care Referrals Provided


Searches by Category Type
Annual Report - Background - 2023 (18).png

88% Child Care Center

27% Group Home

45% Family Child Care Home

47% Preschool Program

19% School-Age Program

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Annual Report - Background - 2023 (18).png
Annual Report - Background - 2023 (18).png
Annual Report - Background - 2023 (18).png
Annual Report - Background - 2023 (18).png
"The database has been great with linking our center to new families. It's very easy to set up and navigate. It definitely makes it easier for parents to find what they are looking for and has definitely made a huge impact on enrollment in our center!"
Child Care Provider
Robbie's Miracle
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Head Start
Early Head Start Program

Head Start Program
The Head Start and Early Head Start Programs promote a child's development through comprehensive early learning, health, and family well-being services. Childcare Resources Head Start Program operates through a partnership model with local schools, child care programs, and the community. 

Our first Federally funded Head Start grant was implemented in July of 2020, meaning this year's report reflects the first full year of our newest early education program.


Funded Enrollment


Current Enrolled Early Head Start Children
Current Enrolled Head Start Children


Zip Codes Served in Jefferson County
35020 • 35022 • 35094 • 35203 • 35205 • 35206 • 35212 • 35217
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Head Start Families
at or below 100% of the Federal Poverty Line 
Early Head Start Families
at or below 100% of the Federal Poverty Line 
Head Start children received health, hearing, vision, and development screenings
Early Head Start children received health, hearing, vision, and development screenings

 A family enrolled in our Head Start program shared how one of our Family Advocates assisted them from a domestic violence situation to a restored and safe family:

"A family came to our program from a government assistance program, with the children exposed to domestic violence in the home. During the first year in our program, the parent, with Family Advocate assistance, was able to find alternative shelter for them and their children. The parent maintained her attendance in the Head Start program, which allowed them to keep their job. They attend parent meetings regularly and are involved in the classroom. Now, both the parent and the children are happy and safe."
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Agency Financials


United Way of

Central Alabama




Special Events


Screen Shot 2023-01-23 at 3.30.41 PM.png

Government Grants


Program Revenue






Screen Shot 2023-01-23 at 3.30.55 PM.png

Early Learning Resource Library & Van  $57,576

Head Start


Training and

Technical Assistance



Child Care Program


RISE  $87,666

Infant Toddler  $142,856

Resource and Referral  $50,656

Management and General  $294,809

Fundraising  $299,470

We come highly rated.

When you supported our mission, you gave with confidence as we once again earned a Platinum Seal of Transparency from Guidestar.

And we have great leaders.

Joan Wright

Executive Director

Morgan Hargrove Emahiser

Director of Development

Tonya Jones

Director of Head Start

Sue Parsons

Director of Finance and Administration

Catrice Pruitt

Director of Programs

Amy Bradley

Provider Education and Support Manager

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Support our work.

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