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7 Virtual Tours To Take With Your Children

We’ve created a list of online virtual tours of landmarks that you can explore with your children. Check out this list with your child to explore the world from the comfort of your own home:

  • The Smithsonian offers free, panoramic virtual tours that allow visitors to navigate room to room with an interactive map. Your child will be fascinated with the exhibits such as Ancient Seas, Fossil Mammals, Dinosaurs, and many more!

  • Check out Yellowstone National Park’s canyons, rivers, forests, geysers, and more with only a few clicks! Your child will love to create his or her own simulation at home to show them how the Yellowstone Caldera was formed.

  • Take a virtual trip around the world and tour The Great Wall of China. Children can learn how and why it was built, the length of the wall, and the dynasties that built it.

  • Go on a virtual walk through the beautiful Birmingham Botanical Gardens and talk with your child about what he or she sees in each garden.

  • Travel back in time with a virtual tour of The British Museum which includes over two million years of human history and culture.

  • Take a virtual field trip to space with your child and tour the NASA Langley Research Center. Your child will love learning about the wonders and history of space.

  • Check out the Georgia Aquarium’s live webcam for real-time views of the beluga whales, piranhas, and so much more for hours of easy entertainment! Ask your child to point out each animal as it swims across your screen.

Virtual tours or field trips are not limited by travel time and budgets, so children can enjoy more fun, immersive, and inspiring exposure to the world than ever before. Don’t forget to invite your older children on the exploration, too! Connecting your child to the world with informative learning opportunities is only a few clicks away! Click here to check out more places for you and your child to travel to virtually.

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