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Activities To Keep Your Children Learning While At Home

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

If you are home with your children because of the novel coronavirus, consider these activities to keep your children active, engaged, and learning.

  • BornReady is a free, innovative resource for parents to find easy-to-follow, science-based tips to play with their child to teach them new things in an enriching and engaging way.

  • Check out Khan Academy for access to short video lessons on thousands of topics allowing your child to learn at his or her own pace. Click here to inspire a lifetime of learning and discovery with this free, fun educational program.

  • Help your child grow smarter, stronger, and kinder with Sesame Street. Give your children access to hundreds of video clips and games that can teach them phonics, rhymes, colors, and so much more.

  • Consider downloading audiobooks from Scholastic. Audiobooks are a useful and effective tool for growing readers as it can help them learn what reading should sound like as they follow along.

  • Neighborhoods around the country are putting rainbows in the windows of their homes so parents can practice counting with their little ones while they go on walks. Consider asking your neighbors to join in spreading some joy by painting a rainbow with their children, putting it on display in the window, and taking a walk to see how many you can count!

  • KidsGardening shares plant-based activities that are fun for all ages. These activities don't involve any screen time and most require inexpensive supplies

“Your child is born ready to learn, and you’re born ready to teach them.” - Governor Kay Ivey

Check out this article from The Atlantic for more tips about navigating this challenging time while making sure that your children don’t fall behind schedule on their learning.

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