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Available Right Now! Childcare Resources 2022-2023 Annual Report

Childcare Resources is thrilled to announce the release of our 2022-2023 Annual Report! The report is designed to give readers a creative presentation of the agency’s efforts to provide essential programs and services to the community. Available in an exciting digital format!

In a truly collaborative effort from everyone on the Childcare Resources staff, team members from the Programs, Finance, and Development Departments at the agency teamed up to highlight the important milestones from the past year to create the entire interactive report themselves. The report also summarizes the agency’s programs within the community and includes impactful success stories from program participants along with historical milestone charts demonstrating programatic growth.

"Childcare Resources was founded to address unmet needs of families who need quality, affordable child care and to support those in the business or interested in entering the field to provide quality care to children," says Joan Wright, Executive Director for Childcare Resources. "This report highlights many of our continued efforts on this front. Our work remains possible due to the combined generous and committed efforts of our steadfast donors and partners and new ones joining our mission each year. Our dedicated staff continue to create meaningful ways to access our resources to provide children with the best start in life."

Together, we advance our mission to create brighter futures for children, families, providers of care, and our community. Thank you!
- Joan Wright

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