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Childcare Resources Releases Report on Status of Child Care in Alabama

Childcare Resources released our triennial report, the Status of Child Care, on Thursday, June 25. The report is a detailed look into child care in Alabama, highlighting challenges faced by early care professionals, recent studies on child development, and the economic impact of the early education sector across our state.

“If we have learned one thing from the current coronavirus pandemic, it is that the crisis has heightened awareness of the impact child care and early education has on the current and future workforce,” says Joan Wright, Executive Director of Childcare Resources. “We are pleased to share insights, data, and solutions to maximize potential for children, their families, and our community through this report and dynamic presentation.”

In support of the release, the Birmingham Business Alliance’s Birmingham Regional Enterprise Council hosted Childcare Resources for a virtual panel discussion on Thursday, June 25 to discuss the report and its findings. Following the report review, Bart Trench and Martina Winston of Protective Life provided insights on how companies can take action and make their internal policies family-friendly as highlighted in the report.

Click here to read the Status of Child Care. To support the mission of Childcare Resources, visit or call (205) 945-0018 Ext. 306.

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