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Current Challenges in Child Care and How You Can Help

Millions of parents and caregivers have been facing incredibly tough decisions over the last two years when it comes to children and their care. With continued COVID waves, many parts of the country are experiencing child care programs shutting down either due to a child being sick, or teachers and staff being sick, leaving parents stranded with little to no warning.

And while parents are struggling, those who care for and educate their young children are struggling, too. Despite the critical role child care providers play in support of other equally essential industries, the systems as a whole is in crisis due to economic impact. According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, child care is some of the lowest-paid work in the country, and the industry has lost more than 100,000 workers since the start of the pandemic. Without workers, child care options are harder for parents to find.

These workforce reductions, paired with the ongoing challenge of low pay for workers, have economists concerned: if this industry continues to falter, it could affect the entire labor market as working parents will scramble to find care for their children.

What You Can Do to Help

Attend our Virtual Coffee with ED (Executive Director)

On Wednesday, June 29, 2022 at 12noon, join us for a virtual Q&A with Allison Muhlendorf (Executive Director, Alabama School Readiness Alliance) and Joan Wright (Executive Director, Childcare Resources) to learn more about the Education Trust Fund Budget and how it impacts child care in Alabama by expanding pay raises for teachers in our state.

Donate Wish List Items

Many classrooms have ongoing items they purchase to support the education and care they provide children each day. Consider hosting a wish list drive to collect some of these items for your child's classroom, or you can donate them to Childcare Resources to be distributed to child care programs in our community. Ask your child's teacher for a list of items they may need, or you can download the list below to donate general use items many classrooms utilize and appreciate.

Donate to Childcare Resources

Did you know Childcare Resources provides free training and technical assistance to child care programs in Central Alabama? These programs help child care centers achieve national accreditation, further the experience and careers of child care providers, and provide access to resources many child care centers would otherwise not have. A donation to our organization allows us to continue providing those necessary services to child care programs at no cost to the programs themselves.

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