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Healthy Children Become Healthy Adults

Goodbye Winter Blues… and hello, March! As we celebrate the month of sunshine and spring time, we welcome you to join us in recognizing March as National Nutrition Month. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics created this campaign over 30 years ago to increase awareness and understanding of our nutrition habits.

Healthy eating and physical activity behaviors can be taught from a young age, and by educating the children in your life, you can play a part in the positive growth and lifestyle decisions they make. A healthy lifestyle for children can help them develop strong minds and bodies, and these habits learned as a child have lasting benefits from an early age into adulthood.

“A child’s body needs nutrition, not just food.” – Julie Webb Kelley

National Nutrition Month provides a wonderful opportunity to dedicate extra time and focus about the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle with your children. Try teaching a different lesson about nutrition to your children each week in March. Click here for a list of activities and tips to communicate the importance of a healthy mind and body to your children. Once the children are on board, try encouraging your parent-friends to teach their children about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Building a strong, healthy community of children paves the way for a strong, healthy community of adults!

Children need good role models to display a positive attitude toward being active and eating healthy. This motivates participation in these activities because they trust the opinions of the people surrounding them. Of the many ways to encourage children to be more active, begin by playing with them in the backyard or at a park. Talk with them about how exercise increases heartrate and makes the heart stronger. Explain the benefits of how a healthy lifestyle can increase longevity, reduce stress into their pre-teen and teenage years, boost confidence, and so much more. Click here for more information about the importance of creating habits as a young child to develop the skills to stay active through life.

Teaching children to practice healthy habits can be as easy as encouraging them to choose water as a drink rather than soda, minimizing screen time and getting outside, and choosing healthier alternatives of snack choices.

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