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Josh Petty Leads Committee to Most Successful Fairy Tale Ball in History

“It feels good to give back to your community, and even better to support the children who will be the next generation of leaders in Greater Birmingham.”

That’s why Josh Petty chooses to support Childcare Resources.

For nearly 10 years, Josh has supported the services and programs offered by Childcare Resources through volunteer service and financial contributions – both personally and through his role as Market President for Greater Birmingham at BB&T. Most recently, Josh’s passion helped create a little extra magic for some of our youngest neighbors through his leadership as the Committee Chair for the organization’s 13th Annual Fairy Tale Ball – Childcare Resources’ annual fundraising gala.

Under Josh’s leadership, the 2019 Ball was Childcare Resources’ most successful event in the history of the agency, raising nearly $150,000 to further the Childcare Resources mission.

Our Development Department sat down with Josh to talk about his involvement with the agency, and to shine a light on what drives his passionate support for the Childcare Resources’ mission.

What interested you to begin working with Childcare Resources?

As a parent of young children I understand the importance of quality child care and the impact that early childhood development programs have on building a strong foundation for children. In addition to the mission of Childcare Resources, I have been impressed with the leadership and commitment of all the employees of the organization and wanted to play a part in helping with

their success.

What do you believe Childcare Resources brings to the community?

Childcare Resources makes an impact on so many families by improving and supporting the overall child care productiveness within the community. Without Childcare Resources, many families would struggle for adequate child care and the individuals that are ultimately the most impacted are our children.

What do you believe the Fairy Tale Ball brings to the community?

The Fairy Tale Ball is an incredibly fun, family friendly event that provides a venue for children to experience the wonder of their favorite characters and be the center of attention for an evening. My children look forward to it every year, and watching their faces filled with excitement and enthusiasm for the evening is priceless. It is also a great event to raise awareness for the impact that Childcare Resources has on the community.

What aspect of the Fairy Tale Ball is your favorite?

I really enjoy watching my children on the dance floor, shaking their booties with their favorite superheroes and characters.

Why would you recommend someone to get involved with Childcare Resources and the Fairy Tale Ball?

It just feels good to give back to your community and even better to support children who will ultimately be the next generation of leaders in Greater Birmingham. I recommend checking out Childcare Resources and discover both the social and economic impact that the organization makes in our community… and everyone should attend the Fairy Tale Ball because who doesn’t like to act like a kid sometimes!

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