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Junior Board Spotlight: Nekesha Jefferson

Nekesha Jefferson, Assistant Director, Near and Dear Child Care Center and Childcare Resources’ Junior Board Member

With years of experience and a strong foundation in providing high-quality early education for children in Central Alabama, Nekesha Jefferson accepted the opportunity to serve on Childcare Resources’ Junior Board earlier this year. Our Development Department sat down with Nekesha to discuss her experience in early childhood education.

What interested you to begin your service with Childcare Resources? Childcare Resources has been a vital tool in my career in early childhood education. The organization works to ensure the children in our community have access to high-quality child care options, and the programs and services available are beyond extraordinary. I am an ardent servant leader, so the choice to join the Junior Board was a no-brainer for me. I am excited for the opportunity to ensure that the mission of Childcare Resources continues to thrive and continues to be a vessel for our community.

In your experience, what do you think Childcare Resources brings to the community? I have an Associate's degree from Lawson State Community College in Child Development/Early Childhood Education and a Bachelor’s degree from Athens State University in Education. Currently, I am the Assistant Director of a local child care center where we frequently use the Training and Technical Assistance Program. Their training sessions help us ensure we provide quality care, and I love sharing the programs Childcare Resources offers with my colleagues who work in early education. Childcare Resources’ impact on early childhood education in Birmingham is undeniably the epitome of “it takes a village.” When I was attending Lawson State, I was looking for a scholarship, and I didn’t qualify for several scholarship programs due to where I was working. I talked to a staff member at Childcare Resources and she told me about the Alabama Leadership Scholarship in Early Childhood. I applied and was awarded the scholarship, providing the opportunity for me to earn my Associate's and Bachelor’s degrees. I will forever be thankful to that staff member at Childcare Resources!

As a supporter of Childcare Resources’ Champions for Children Charity Breakfast, what do you think this event brings to the community? As a supporter of Childcare Resources, the Champions for Children Charity Breakfast brings HOPE, LIGHT, and HELP to our community. Our HOPE is in the future of the children in our community and the need to provide a quality early childhood education. The breakfast shines a LIGHT that young children need to receive quality education to build a strong foundation for lifelong learning. The Champions for Children Charity Breakfast also brings the community together to generously provide HELP so that the mission of Childcare Resources can continue to prosper.

Why would you recommend someone to get involved with Childcare Resources?

There are so many reasons for someone or everyone to get involved with Childcare Resources. An educator, especially in early childhood, should definitely check out the free in-person and virtual training opportunities. If you are an educator and have a passion for children and your community, getting involved with Childcare Resources shows that you are committed and dedicated to your career field.

The mission of Childcare Resources works to ensure young children are receiving quality education to build a strong foundation for life-long learning. We make this possible by providing information, education, and assistance to families, providers of childcare, and the community. This is the reason why everyone should be involved in providing vital care to OUR community.

"Aflame and unafraid. The new dawn blooms as we free it. For there is always light, if only we're brave enough to see it, if only we're brave enough to be it" - Amanda Gorman.

Childcare Resources offers children a quality education so that they are aflame, unafraid, and brave enough to be a light that shines bright through their educational journey. Childcare Resources is the beginning of that light.

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