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Let's Celebrate! Happy Birthday, Childcare Resources

For 38 years, Childcare Resources has made claim as Central Alabama’s only child care resource and referral agency. Join us this July as we celebrate nearly four decades of providing resources and support to children, families, and child care providers across our community.

Join us in celebrating our 38th year of serving children, families, and child care providers in Central Alabama!

  • Advocate! Check out any of our advocacy resources to help play a part in affecting positive change to benefit the communities in which we work and live. There's power in numbers! One simple, yet effective, way to advocate for the children in our community is to write a letter to your legislator about the work Childcare Resources is doing in our community.

  • Legacy giving to Childcare Resources through a will, trust, or beneficiary designation can be a richly rewarding experience for you and your family while creating a lasting impact on families supported by the Childcare Resources mission – both now and in the future. Click here to learn more about Legacy Giving.

  • Set up a monthly contribution. A recurring donation allows you to make an easy and sustainable impact on our mission. To set up a monthly giving payment, click here and be sure to check the box that says make my gift monthly!

  • Collect and donate items from our Wish List to help offset operational costs for the agency while supporting those who benefit from our mission.

  • Follow us on social media! Check out our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages to keep up with important agency updates and information. By “liking,” commenting, and sharing our posts with your friends, you help provide awareness and information about our programs and services.

For more information or ways to support the mission of Childcare Resources, please contact Morgan Emahiser at

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