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Summer Safety with Children

As the days get warmer and longer, the importance of keeping the children in our care safe and healthy remains. Whether you go on an adventure in your backyard or check out a new outdoor destination with your family, consider these important safety tips for keeping your children safe and healthy all summer long:

  • Beat the heat by protecting your child from sunburn and potentially harmful sun rays. If your family is planning a picnic in the backyard, consider setting up an umbrella or pop-up tent to provide shade from the ultraviolet (UV) rays. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also recommends that children wear hats, clothes, and sunglasses to protect them from potential sun injuries.

  • Staying “Safe at Home” includes water safety, too. The American Red Cross shares helpful resources for parents, caregivers, and children to learn proper water safety together. Check out WHALE Tales: Water Habits are Learned Early, an age-appropriate video series, to teach your children important water safety topics. For parents with younger children, check out more tips for swimming safety at

  • Always look before you lock your vehicle to make sure your child is not left unattended in a hot vehicle. Child Care Aware of America shares important safety habits and reminders to help you “look before you lock.”

Be sure to check out more information from the CDC or other trusted resources for making this summer safe for your children.

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